Hot Wheels  --  Purple Passion  2001

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Code 1

#: 080 Tomart: ab #: 28664 Tomart: af #: 53959 Tomart: ad
Series: Monster Series Series: Fire Rod Series 2 Series: 15th Convention, Irvine
Two base variations: Malaysia & Thailand on and off the frame rail.   News Letter, Yellow, 8000 made
Baseplate: E-3 & F-3  Baseplate: ?-? Baseplate: F-4

#: 53959 Tomart: ac #: 25372  Tomart: ae #: 56112 Tomart: ah
Series: 15th Convention, Irvine Series: Motorin' Music 5-pack Series: Japan Collectors Club
News Letter, Black, 2000 made. 400 with dinner sticker. See 2000-#200 With and without December 2nd 2001 sticker
Baseplate: F-5


Baseplate: F-1   Baseplate: G-1



Code 4

Series: General Mills   
Prototype, used for testing inserting HW's into cereal boxes together with five other HW models. Apparently all were meant to be destroyed after the test. Some survived, only about 13 of the PP's are accounted for.  Left photo by Roy Glenn. Two on the right and background info by Marty.

Background: Around 2002, Mattel wanted to conduct a General Mills cereal box drop test using these Hot Wheels test cars within their individual heat sealed envelope belt feeds.  This process would test the cereal box machinery and test the final cereal box weights. Mattel shipped about 6 boxes of test cars to the Sharonville Ohio factory. Each box was about 4 foot square by 2 foot high containing belts of these Hot Wheels cars. There were 6 different types of Hot Wheels cars that repeated within the heat sealed envelope belts.

After the cereal box drop tests were concluded Mattel and General Mills decided not to run this series of Hot Wheels cars in the cereal boxes. Mattel then ordered a General Mills executive to escort the 6 boxes of Hot Wheels test cars to the dump and verify the boxes of test cars were destroyed and buried by a bulldozer.

Other cars in the set: '70 Roadrunner, '65 Bonneville GMTM, '70 Barracuda Hardtop, '67 Pontiac GTO, 2001 Intrepid.

Baseplate: H-1   

Code 3

Dearborn, Henry Ford Museum. Dinner with Larry Wood, February 22nd

Red, as dinner ticket.  120 made*. 
Variation: A few have Real Rider wheels.
Black, 5 made*. 
Photo by Roy Glenn.
Dark purple, 5 made*. 
Photo by Roy Glenn.
WW: Baseplate A-2, but with tinted windows.
RR: Baseplate ?-?
Code 3A Baseplate: A-1?

Code 3A W

Baseplate: A-3

Code 3A W


Light purple, 5 made*. 
Photo by Roy Glenn.
Chrome, 4 or 5 made*. 
Photo by Roy Glenn.
Blue, 5 made*.
Baseplate: B-1

Code 3A W

Baseplate: B-1?

Code 3A W

Baseplate: A-2, but with tinted windows Code 3A

*All made by Steve Cinnamon. A complete set of 8 was presented to Larry Wood in a wooden case


No photo

Remarks: Ford Museum Larry Wood Dinner. Green, 5 made*. Remarks: Henry Ford Museum Larry Wood Dinner. Gold with Thank You sticker, 1 made. Photos by Frank.  
Baseplate: ??

Code 3A W

Baseplate: ?? Code 3A    

Updated: July 2018
General Mills info added