Hot Wheels  --  Purple Passion  1996-1997

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Code 1

#: 1996- 13908  Tomart: q #: 1996-048  Tomart: r #: 1997-17263 Tomart: s
Series: Rebel Run Car Show Series: M&D Limited Series: Target Cruisin' America Set
7000 made. 16th Annual (Sweet Sixteen) Rebel Run Car Show was held in Muncie, Indiana on September 21-24, 1995, and the give-a-way car was full size version of this Hot Wheel car. M&D stands for Mike and Diane Strauss known from HW-Newsletter. 8000 made.  
Baseplate: A-3 L Baseplate: A-8 L Baseplate: C-1 B

Code 3

Buena Park, Convention Buena Park 1996



500 made    
Baseplate: A-5, but with yellow/gold baseplate Code 3A    

Springdale, Arkansas Collector Show, October 26th 1996

At least 150 made.    
Baseplate: A-1 Code 3A Baseplate:  Code 3A    

Tampa Bay, Tampa Bay Convention 1996

Photo by C. Marshel



2 wheel variations    
WW: Baseplate A-1
7SP: Baseplate A-3

Code 3 W


Spokane, Silver Collector Car Autions 1996


Remarks: 2 wheel variations. Photo by Ronnie.    
WW: Baseplate: A-6
7SP: Baseplate A-5

Code 3A 7SP W


Springfield, Greater Midwest Toy Show, May 1996


200 made. Scallop colours varies. 7SP & WW wheels.    
Baseplate: A-5 & A-6

Code 3A W


Collinsville, Gateway Hot Wheelers Convention 1996


Black Cherry by Michael Turk Motorsport Enterprises.     
Baseplate: A-4

Code 3A


Adkins Collectible Toys 1996



Adkins Collectible Toys Ltd. 250 made    
Baseplate:  Code 3C        

Kansas City, Kansas City Die Cast 1997


Charity Auction    
Baseplate: A, black interior. Code 3A        

Cheyenne, Cheyenne Rods Customs 1997

Photo by C. Marshel

Photo by Bill


Baseplate: A-3

Code 3A W


Mikes, Toys of Transportation, May 18th 1997



? made    
Baseplate: A-3?

Code 3A silver W


Parsippany, 15th Annual Lead East 50's Party, August 28th-31st 1997



? made    
Baseplate: A-3?

Code 3A silver W


GSL XVI Reunion International Model Car Championship 1997



GSL XVI Reunion International Model Car Championship donated by Street Rod Miniatures. 100 made    
Baseplate:  Code 3        

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