Hot Wheels  --  Purple Passion 1990-1993 

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Code 1

#: 1990-087 Tomart: a #: 1991-9515 Tomart: b #: 1991-9515 Tomart: c
Series: Mainline Series: City Mini Market Set Series: City Mini Market Set
Cards with/without Speed Points.
Canadian box variation. More ...
Baseplate: A-1 Baseplate: A-1 Baseplate: A-1

#: 1991-9515 Tomart: a #: 1992-2469 Tomart: e #: 1993- 087 Tomart: f
Series: City Mini Market Set Series: Mainline Series: Mainline
  Ruby Red Passion; 10000 made German card variation
Baseplate: A-1 Baseplate: A-2 Baseplate: A-3



#: 1993- 10493 Tomart: g #:1993-promo Tomart: h    
Series: Revealers-10 pack Series: Shell (Ohio promotion)  
Variations: clear or tinted window with "REVEALERS" print low resp. high. In baggie with Hot Wheels print on it.
Also in baggie without Hot Wheels printed on it, but with Hot Wheels text inside.
 Baseplate: A-2 Baseplate: A-1  

Code 4


#: 1992-TF Tomart: d Year: 1993   Year: 1993  
Series: Toy Fair Series: Seasons Greetings Series: Happy Holidays
Light and dark gold variations. ?? made. Photo by Bruce Pascal. Holiday wish from Design & Enginering staff. 70 made, 59 on card, 11 in baggie.   Photos by Roy Glenn.
Baseplate: A-1   Baseplate: A-1


Baseplate: A-1, but with WL

Code 3

Detroit, Detroit Hot Wheels Club Motor City Hot Wheels Chapter, February 16th 1991





?? made.    
Baseplate: A-1

Code 3


Florida, Gold Coast Hotwheelers





?? made. '92 Hurricane (Andrew)    
Baseplate: A-2

Code 3


Toledo, 7th Annual Newsletter Convention, October 9th 1993

Given out on entry. 250-500 made? Variations:  yellow & light yellow flames. 100-500 made?  Only available for  those who attended the night meeting.
Photos by cmarshel & timber0069
10-20 made? The one on the left photo is a custom.  Only available for  those who attended the night meeting.
Baseplate: A-3 Code 3A Baseplate: A-1 Code 3A Baseplate: A-2 Code 3A

Small pic is an original. The link is to a fake.

10-20 made? Yellow, 30 made? Only available for  those who attended the night meeting. 8-12 made? With alternate header card. The left is an original, the right one a custom.Thanks to oharaw1122 for confirming this. 
Baseplate: A-1

Code 3A W

Baseplate: A-1 Code 3A Baseplate: A-1 Code 3A





Year: 1993 #: code 3A        
Series: 7th Convention, Toledo, OH, Oct. 9th    
Remarks: Black, scallops; 10-20 made. Photos by timber0069. With alternate header card.    
Baseplate: A-1





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