Hot Wheels  --  Purple Passion  1998-1999

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Code 1


#: 1998-18879 Tomart: a2 #: 1998-19758  Tomart: t #: 1999-22078 Tomart: w
Series: HW 30th Anniversary & Collector's Choice Series: FAO Schwartz Cruisin' the '50's  8-pack set. Series: Lexmark Exclusive. 
Limited edition. HW logo on rear window.  "Kustom Kings" on rear window. Gold "Hot Wheels" license plate. 2 variations? With Lexmark on boot are prototypes.
Baseplate: C-2 Baseplate: C-3 Baseplate: D-1

Photo provided by cmarhel

Photo provided by cmarhel

#: xx   #: 1999-23443 Tomart: v #: 1999-26622 Tomart: ag
Series: Lexmark Exclusive, prototypes Series: Cop Rods Series 1 Series: Target Hot Nights Drive-Inn Set
  Max. 25000 made for KB Toys   
Baseplate: D-1 Baseplate: D-2 Baseplate: E-1

Code 2



Year: 1999-2173 Tomart: u           
13th Annual Newsletter Convention, Dearborn. Convention Car. 2000 made. This one signed by Larry Wood. Aslo in baggie without headercard.
Base variations: chrome & painted.
Baseplate: D-1       

Code 4



Year: 1999          
Serie: SUTC Dedication Malaysia    
Remarks: --    
Baseplate: ?-?



Code 3

Spokane, Hot Summer Nights auction, Silver Collector Car Auctions

Year: 1998 #: Code 3A Year: 1998 #: Code 3A    
Series: Hot August Nights auction. Silver Collector Car Auctions, Spokane, WA Series: Hot August Nights auction. Silver Collector Car Auctions, Spokane, WA  
Remarks: About 150 made, incl WW. Remarks: About 150 made, incl 7SP. Photos by Bill & Ronnie.  
Baseplate: A-5


Baseplate: A-6



Dearborn, 13th Annual Newsletter Convention 1999

400 made. Tamop designed by Bruce Schultz. ? made. 2 shades of purple known. Originally a few hondred made, but most were bad so they were put away and forgotten. Found again. About 50 were good and some given away.
July 2008 on eBay:
"The case with these cars was lost before the event and now some have finally surfaced after all these years. ... Production run on these is a complete unknow, but you can be assured it isn't very high." (seller: enoch2ooo)
Baseplate: A-1 Code 3A 7SP: Baseplate A-5.
WW: Baseplate A-6.

Code 3A WWHO W

Baseplate: A-2

Code 3A


Pigeon Forge, Hunter's Automotive, Fall Grand Run XVII, September 1999



? made.    
Baseplate: B-1 Code 3A      

Merc Deuce Reunion, 1999



In sealed protector. xxx of 500 printed on rear of card.    
Baseplate: A-5

Code 3A


Route 66, 1999?



Sealed in protector. By Automotive Hall, M.K. John. Pic by Bill.    
Baseplate: ?



 Mississippi, 4th Annual Cruisin' the Coast, October 7-10th 1999




Mississippi Gulf Coast. 100 made.     
Baseplate: Plastic McD

Code 3A


Motor City Hot Wheelers, December 12th 1999

Photo by Roy Glenn Photo by Roy Glenn  
Baseplate: A-1?

Code 3A W

Baseplate: A-1  with dark chrome baseplate

Code 3A W

Baseplate: A-1?

Code 3A W


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